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Since 1997, EssayEdge helps students get into their dream colleges and universities by preparing an impressive package of documents for admission. If you want to enroll in the school of your choice, your writing should be clear, persuasive and impeccable. With our essay editing service, you’ll craft an admission essay that will get you noticed as an applicant. 90% of our customers enter the top 10 universities in the United States. Would you like to be one of them?

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Each document has its features, and our essay editors know what to focus on to keep it individual and increase your chances of being admitted. We can help with academic papers as well.

EssayEdge makes sure your application explains what you've accomplished to prepare for the program.

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EssayEdge has already helped thousands of students by editing their personal statements. Being Ivy League graduates, our editors know what to focus on in writing and how to make your voice shine through your application essay. Our experts are ready to help you with brainstorming, proofreading, and editing to make your writing concise, persuasive, and original.

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Turnaround - 48 hours

You did a great job and almost finished your essay, but you still need a final check. Our editor will proofread your work for typos and grammatical errors, providing you with minor constructive suggestions.

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0 - 600 words$69

601 - 1,200 words$99

1.801 - 2,400 words$159

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+2,400 words$12 per + 100 words

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You have a half-finished essay, but you still need proofreading and expert critique to strengthen your writing. Our editor will help improve your style and will provide a detailed review of the essay structure, content, and tone.

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1,201 - 1,800 words$239

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+2,400 words$12 per + 100 words

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Turnaround - 7 days

You need a package of documents that are consistent in style and complement each other. Submit 3+ documents in one order, and we will assign one editor to work on them. The editor will polish all your docs and add suggestions on style and tone.

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1,800 - 2,400 words$229

2,401 - 3,000 words$289

3,001 - 3,600 words$399

3,601 - 4,200 words$459

4,201 - 4,800 words$519

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Turnaround - 14 days

You need comprehensive assistance to start writing your admission essay. Our editor will guide you through the process, from topic brainstorming to the finished piece. The second reading is included in this package.

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0 - 600 words$379

601 - 1,200 words$429

1,201 - 1,800 words$479

1,801 - 2,400 words$529

+2,400 words$12 per + 100 words

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What Our Customers Say

Using essay editing services, professional proofreading, brainstorming, and advising, all our customers submitted their applications successfully.

I wanted to show someone my statement of purpose right away, this service was easy and helpful. I recommend EssayEdge.

Eliza D.

Statement of Purpose

At times, it is good to talk to someone regarding your application. My resume is OK, but I’m not good at writing cover letters. Just pick up the phone and talk to someone who already graduated from this uni — sounds pretty easy. And works well also.

Florence M.


At times, it is good to talk to someone regarding your application. My resume is OK, but I’m not good at writing cover letters. Just pick up the phone and talk to someone who already graduated from this uni — sounds pretty easy. And works well also.

Florence M.


Incredibly experienced editors and counselors, really worth using when in doubt and in a hurry.

Josh C.

Statement of Purpose

So helpful to be able to talk to the person who knows what to do with all those letters of motivation and statements. Also, it is helpful to be able to ask someone to look through your writing when you really need it.

Nikki L.

Statement of Purpose

I was really stressed with my application and I’m glad I met Amy. Both my essay and resume look significantly better now.

Michael V.


I am quite impressed with the work done by my editor. The corrections are perfect. The comments and suggestions helped me fine-tune my per st.

Andy A.

Business Application Essay

Thank you very much! I made a lot of mistakes! My text looks much better now, after editing and critique. Thanks again!

Becca N.

Personal statement


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January 23, 2020

Essay Editing and Proofreading to Craft the Best Essay

Every person who has to demonstrate knowledge in a particular field must pass some tests and gain some grades to prove their awareness. However, not always applicants and students can cover some specific requirements via multiple-choice questions and a number of characters. So, at this point, we start the conversation about essay writing and essay editing.
The essay is a unique instrument that can check and provide a real overview in the particular sphere from someone’s perspective. Hence, it is essential to have an outstanding essay to impress the reader and prove your knowledge. The way easier it can be with the essay editor.

Transferring your thoughts on paper takes time, effort, and nerves. Thus, if you need to write an essay, no matter if it is your college essay, MBA personal statement, or personal statement for grad school, you have to be ready for the big deal. Writing a great essay requires complete immersion into the process. Moreover, sometimes you can be that much into the writing process that you can lose the key points of the task you have to have fulfilled.

Essay editing services are your unique chance to increase the quality of your paper. Well-structured and proofread text can impress even the pickiest readers. And that is exactly what you need, no matter whether you submit a usual academic essay or an admission paper. An outstanding essay isn’t happenstance. It is a thorough-thought process that demands a lot of steps to be done.

However, essays editing is always a good idea if the stakes are high. There is a difference between a good grade and an awesome one, between enrollment in prestigious educational institutions and next-door ones. A good text can be a determining factor in your future success. Therefore, you can’t allow yourself to lose the opportunity to open the door to prosperous perspectives and possibilities.

The meaningfulness and influence of the essay aren’t overrated. Before writing such a paper, you have to consider the importance of it for yourself. Academic editing or any other type of check is your chance to stand out!

Check out our writing guides page to find out more about essay importance!

How essay proofreading service makes your essay better

After having a balanced decision on referring to the editing essay service assistance, you have to be aware of the things you should expect after receiving your result. Hence, what will you have after the turnout?

  1. Checked language
    Overcomplicated or rare words can confuse the reader. It is always a good idea to have a dictionary by your hand when writing an essay. However, sometimes people can misuse some words. In certain cases, some words can change the meaning of the whole sentence. You don’t need to have such problems. Thus, the editor can choose a word that is more suitable for the context when they edit your essay. 
  2. The balanced tone of voice
    Writing the essay both for admission and academic needs requires sticking to a particular tone of voice. You don’t have to be too formal or too informal. The essay has to be smooth, as you told it in real life. Though, there are cases when students use overfamiliar or over official lexis. In this way, they spoil the whole impression of themselves as they don’t sound in a natural way. The whole text looks like a friendly message or an official appeal. When editing essay, the editor can peruse the text and point at the issues that must be resolved
  3. Content review
    In case when you have to fill the word gap, you may write the same idea several times but within different words. That is undoubtedly a fail. To be sure that your essay doesn’t contain too many repetitions and unnecessary data, it is better to ask a professional to look at your essay from another point of view. When editing essays, the proficient editor can detect irrelevant content and suppose some points that can push you on the right writing track.
  4. The unique essay that presents only your thoughts
    We can’t ignore the fact that students use them to refer to samples. That is surely a great idea! However, you may use someone’s content or quotation subconsciously. A borrowed sentence always differs. Thus, it is inadmissible to allow such an occurrence to spoil your essay. A comprehensive essays edit can detect all the odd sentences and get you rid of them. In such a way, your essay will look the way better.
  5. Engaging and thought-provoking narrative
    With professional help, you can choose some synonyms that can make the utterance more lucid and dazzling. The goal of the essay is to provide the reader with your thoughts and make them interested in the way you think about a particular issue. Or else, for instance, when we talk about an admission essay, you have to make a bigger deal. You have to make the officers interested in your personal background. Thus, every word, phrase, and sentence play an important role. You have to be very careful while writing the essay. Thus, it is an excellent idea to edit essays you have to submit. With the assistance of the editor, the whole writing process can become less nervous and more profitable for you.

The reasons why you need essay editor

Experienced and proficient editors can transform your essay into a masterpiece. All of them have a high level of expertise, and they can detect all possible mistakes within only one sight of your essay.

Our editors are known for their consciousness of many tips and techniques. They know how to write college personal statementhow to start a personal statementhow to end a personal statementhow long should a personal statement be, and many other different and useful insights.

The thing is that EssayEdge’s personal statement editor provides you with the check that is beyond the scope of a simple edit. They can give you specific advice and insights. Bearing in mind that such clues can easily enhance your writing quality, make it worth referring to an editor.

Writing an essay and realizing that this occupation isn’t your best side can provoke doubts and the feeling of being distracted from the process. You may think over the words, phrases, and sentences more than a hundred and a thousand times and still feel that something isn’t just that right. In this case, there is nothing better than referring to essay editing service.

If you are not sure about any detail in your essay, it is better to ask for help rather than fail the writing process with an odd mistake.

After having the essay checked at EssayEdge, you will have a lot of benefits:

  • Grammar error-free essay
    If English isn’t your mother tongue, there is a possibility of confusing tenses and other grammar specifications. Thus, you can’t allow yourself to fail the essay with such a common issue. An experienced essay editor service can proofread your essay and correct the mistakes that may spoil the impression of your essay.
  • Typos and spelling error-free text
    When you are in a hurry and try to put the thought on the paper as fast as possible, you can miswrite the words. Hence, at this moment, your essay may become full of typos. Even after perusing the essay, you can skip some misspelled words as your sight is that much tired of reading the same text that your mind tries to avoid the awareness of possible mistakes. The essays editor can have a look at the text with a kind of “fresh” sight. Thus, they can detect even such mistakes promptly.
  • Coherent and expedient utterance
    Linking the parts of the essay in an appropriate way can easily increase the quality of the whole narrative. Thus, you can’t lose the chance to make the essay an easy-to-read one. With the proficient assistance of essay edit service, you increase the condition of the essay for the better. The structure of the essay influences the perception. When you want the reader to be engaged from the first sentence till the last word, you have to pay a lot of attention to the coherence.

When does the need for essay editing arise?

A checked and solid essay is always demanded when we talk about some events that determine particular stages in your life.

Thus, when may you need the editor for essays?

  • You apply for the scholarship.
    Editing a scholarship essay is a crucial action that must be done when you expect to receive the allowance. Your text can make or break your chances. A prosperous essay can change a lot. Once you have your essay checked, you can feel more confident that it will not demote your chances but only promote them. Thus, personal statement editing is the best assistance you can choose to craft the best essay ever. Moreover, our editors can provide you with additional scholarship essay tips on how to start a scholarship essay and how to end it correctly. 
  • You have to submit your academic essay.
    Academic essays are an integral part of student life. Academic paper editing is your opportunity to increase your academic performance. When we lead the conversation about the grades, you have to be specifically attentive while submitting your academic paper. There is a significant difference between a satisfactory and outstanding score. Thus, if you want to prove that you are good not only at knowledge in a specific field but also in representing your thoughts to the audience, you have to craft the essay that impresses the reader. With professional essay editing services and college essay editor, you can do it easily and without extra effort. Academic editing service is your chance to stand out among your peers. Editing academic papers can become the easiest thing ever with the help of EssayEdge.
  • You apply to the educational institution.
    According to the statistics, it becomes harder and harder to become an admitted student. However, you can make this event a real one. EssayEdge is the leading online essay editing service in the admission essay field.  We provide editorial help with a personal statementstatement of purpose, and other types of papers. In case you need additional assurance and assistance, it is better to refer to the editing service to be completely sure that your essay is in its best condition. Check out our article about statement of purpose vs personal statement to be secure about the essay writing details.
  • You have to submit the essay for any other purpose.
    You may be asked to present an essay in many cases. Here usually comes the need for academic editing services. As the practice shows, it is usually a crucial and integral part of something. To be absolutely sure that you have an amazing paper that won’t break the deal, you should refer to a professional editor. Experienced and proficient editors can highlight the mistakes and point at the problems that need your additional attention. Proofread and edited text won’t allow you to miss some chances and opportunities!

EssayEdge wishes you to stay inspired and motivated while writing your essay! We will be happy to edit essays that are to change your life for the better.


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